Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review - Glee Season 2 Episode 2 Britney/Brittany

Talk about awkward. People give Glee lots of leeway because of its upbeat tone, songs, and extensive choreography, which makes each episode a fun time. The characters and plot, though, are always secondary, lingering in the background to fill in the space. In general, the show works well this way and rarely does it go to far.

However, "Britney/Brittany" takes things to extreme in a mess of an episode. It's a Britney episode all right, and the songs, well, they come spontaneously from the dentist's nitrous oxide with zero relevance to anything other than more willingness to perform Britney songs.

With the majority of the episode devoted to Britney worshiping, the character drama is half-baked, and resolution for Finn and Rachel is just laughable.

I'm expecting a storm of angry people to come here and call me names (if anyone comments at all), so remember--this is my opinion, I don't get paid for these brief reviews, and I'm a human being.

Score: 7.0/10
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