Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review - Community Season 2 Episode 2 Accounting for Lawyers

The versatility of Community is on show in "Accounting for Lawyers," where there doesn't need to be a particular class to keep things going, or even much of the college. We see Jeff's old colleagues, a mixture of morality ambiguous characters, including an thin Drew Carey and Alan, the guy who ratted out Jeff. The group pulls behind Jeff, trying to out Alan, which leads to a hilarious heist. Of course, things don't go completely as planned and Annie has to use chloroform--twice. In the end, Jeff doesn't confront Alan and let's things stand, and gives himself an opportunity to leverage the information in the future. Throughout the night, we hear about Jeff's courtroom prowess, and he definitely shows his abilities in that situation.

Meanwhile, Senor Chang dances for hours and hours, hoping to win the contest so he can join the group. He manages to stay upright until the group returns. However, Jeff stops for a moment and disqualifies the group, further putting hurt on Chang, who, after last week's Gollum display, appears to be heading towards a major breakdown.

In its second season, Community is doing everything right, blending clever meta-commentary with all kinds of jokes and gags, and "Accounting for Lawyers" hits all the notes.

Score: 9.3/10
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