Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review - Dark Blue Season 2 Episode 9 Dead Flowers / 10 Personal Effects

Well, the second season of Dark Blue is over and I can't say I'm impressed. It's a two-part season finale, but only because there is a small twist at the end of the first episode to extend the undercover work. Other than that, it's generic family problem, several characters going undercover, and a shootout in the end, everything we've seen before, nothing special.

And of course there's the hints that Dean wants a real date with Jaime but doesn't act, a job opening for Alex, though she declines, and a wedding ring Carter buys. Except for Ty, who finally signs the divorce papers, everyone is in a relatively happy place. So much for the "dark" in Dark Blue.

But "Personal Effects" also works as a series finale in the likely event the show is canceled. If I'm not mistaken, Dark Blue is TNT's worst rated original show (just below Southland) and definitely on the chopping block. After the successes of freshman dramas Memphis Beat and Rizzoli and Isles, in addition to the continued success of Hawthorne, all of which were recently renewed, TNT has no need for Dark Blue. The only thing going for Dark Blue right now is that the ratings haven't fallen past the lowest points of the first season. Last season, everyone thought it was dead until it was renewed months and months later, so there could be hope.

Score: 8.1/10
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