Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review - Castle Season 3 Episode 2 The Double Down

Castle is not an original show. You could call it the child of two 80's relics, Murder, She Wrote and Moonlighting. The cases rarely have game-changing twists or an interesting hook. In many ways, it's the poor man's Bones.

The death of a medium in "The Double Down" treads no new ground or is even exciting. There's the believer, Castle, the skeptic, Beckett, and the two guys who start off as skeptics and move towards the skeptic side, Ryan and Esposito. And at the end of the episode, there are several facts which fall on Castle's side, although we'll never no the truth. Like we haven't seen that one before...

On the flip side, Chet dies just after proposing to Martha, which makes for a few heartwarming scenes between Martha and Castle.

Score: 7.8/10
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