Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review - Undercovers Season 1 Episode 2 Instructions

Despite the promotion, the J.J. Abrams name, and a competition-less timeslot, Undercovers premiered last week to a weak 2.2, especially since NBC put lots of money into the project. Although the ratings did rise ever so slightly through the hour, that's the one bright spot in a whole bunch of bad news.

In a day and age where shows often push the boundaries, stretching arcs for many episodes, Undercovers, by nature, is underwhelming. The pilot last week was faster paced and there were some personal stakes, which pushed the episode along fine. This week, however, there's no tension, no sense of urgency. Instead, the characters stand (or sit) around with their "cute" banter, do some computer work, kick some butts, and then return to the cute dialogue.

It looks like Samantha's ex, Nash, will be sticking around for a while. Oh great, more douchebaggy comments and faux marital problems.

Score: 7.9/10
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