Monday, September 6, 2010

Review - The Closer Season 6 Episode 9 Last Woman Standing

Brenda's ongoing journey towards the Chief of Police position, to me, has been a snooze-fest. There is only one conclusion--she become Chief. The show's entire format would be demolished if she did become Chief, and we'd be left watching her doing administrative tasks while wishing to be back in the interrogation room. The six season's theme, attraction, is not about any person, but to duty and justice. Brenda's utmost priority is to bring bad guys to justice, and more importantly, she has to be knee-deep in the process, being there right as the criminal is nabbed and knowing she had a personal hand in doing so. Up at her pedestal as Chief, however, Brenda will be unable to fulfill her need to be the closer. We see her struggle in "Last Woman Standing," unable to hand out even the simplest of duties to Taylor, and as Chief, it'd be much worse.

The case was pretty basic and didn't grab my attention, especially with multiple interruptions over the Brenda's interview, none of which really went anywhere. Two initial suspects are interrogated before the landlord, introduced at the beginning of the episode, is caught.

Captain Raydor's approach to preparing Brenda for the interview with the major is quite odd. She takes her usual combative stance, even though she's supposed to be helping Brenda, and demeans her several times. At the end of the episode, when she describes why she wants Brenda to go ahead with the job, she states directly that Brenda got her job "the old-fashioned way," AKA sleeping with Pope. But we see that Raydor, despite how she feels about Brenda and animosity about how far up the ladder Brenda is, for the sake of women, is willing to push Brenda forward and Brenda, in turn, takes the mantle to be an example for women everywhere.

Score: 8.1/10
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