Friday, September 10, 2010

Preview of Week 9/12/10 - 9/18/10

I'll be gone from Saturday to Tuesday, so I'm posting this early. That also means I probably won't be able to review the finales of True Blood, The Closer, Lie to Me, and every other show airing in the four days. I'll try my hardest to watch a few episodes and write a few reviews, but don't count on it.

True Blood - HBO, Sunday, September 12, 9:00pm ET

The third season of True Blood has largely been a disappointment to me. Sure Denis O'Hare has been electric, but the Bon Temps stories, which take up good part of each episode, have been a train wreck since the beginning. Without the action centered around the townsfolk, I have no desire to see what boring thing they're up to each week.

Lie to Me - Fox, Monday, September 13, 9:00pm ET

It's weird that the 22-episode season ends in September, right before all the other shows come back and then Lie to Me returns in November with another 13 episodes, but that's the way Fox wants to play it given their lack of 10pm programming. From the description of the season finale, it doesn't look like the episode was be anything special, but we'll see.

The Closer - TNT, Monday, September 13, 9:00pm ET

Will Brenda become Chief of Police? Will she withdraw? Honestly, I don't care and she won't get the position for creative purposes. Without Brenda in the interrogation room, there's hardly any show left, meaning she can't be Chief.

Covert Affairs - USA, Tuesday, September 14, 9:00pm ET

The first season of  Covert Affairs ends with two episodes, filling the slot usually occupied by White Collar. As is expected of all USA shows, the last episode will be the culmination of the ongoing thread, in this case, the mystery behind Ben. I'm very interesting in seeing how the writers explain Ben's decisions and how if they are willing to make some key characters like Arhur and Jai look like bad guys.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - FX, Wednesday, September 15, 10:00pm ET

Wild, reckless, and somehow funny, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia returns for its sixth season.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Cartoon Network, Friday, September 17, 9:00pm ET

Yeah, I like a cartoon for kids. It's actually not a bad show to watch if you're doing something else since the plots are absurdly simple.
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