Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review - Covert Affairs Season 1 Episode 9 Fool in the Rain

Covert Affairs is becoming a rival to Chuck for the title as most ludicrous portrayal of the CIA on television. Annie never has a gun when she needs one and her fighting skills need a big improvement, and she continues to go up against better armed, better trained attackers. And somehow, the CIA lets her find an Iranian dissident while she's on vacation with her sister. What's wrong with these people!

Anne Dudek doesn't have significant role on the show, and she's unlikely to until Danielle becomes a spy, which will never happen. She is featured much more this week than in previous episodes, but Danielle looks like a total fool in "Fool in the Rain," believing Annie's story about meeting Johnny for the Smithsonian and never questioning anything.

Despite all these flaws, Covert Affairs is the USA show I look forward to the most each week. Maybe it's because the show only has nine episodes, but the feel of the show is fresh and enjoyable. Piper Perabo is good in all areas, and has remarkable chemistry with all the guests, including Mousa Kraish who played Johnny.

There was a bit of overall plot advancement as well, coming a week before next week's two-hour season finale. Through a series of flashbacks, Annie realizes that Ben was meeting Jai while they were in Sri Lanka, a revelation sure to change things up at the office. Auggie's relationship with Liza, meanwhile, is uncovered by Arthur, but Auggie isn't reprimanded. In fact, he's tasked by Arthur to draw her source out, but either the source doesn't take the bait, Liza is hiding the truth, or her source truly isn't one of the 17, and she knows Auggie is playing her.

Score: 8.7/10
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