Thursday, September 23, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Wednesday 09/22/10

CBS won with Survivor (4.0), Criminal Minds (4.0), and The Defenders (2.9). On a new night Survivor did well, and Criminals is still very solid. The Defenders is looking okay for now, but we'll see if the ratings slip.

Fox was second with Hell’s Kitchen (2.6, 3.2) which held up fine against Survivor.

ABC was third with The Middle (2.7), Better With You (2.5), Modern Family (5.1), Cougar Town (3.4), and The Whole Truth (1.5). Modern Family obliterated all contenders, and the other ABC comedies did fine as well. On the other hand, legal drama The Whole Truth blew, so it shouldn't be around too long.

NBC was last with Undercovers (2.1) and Law & Order: SVU (2.9, 3.5). Probably the biggest or second biggest surprise of the year--along with Fox's Lone Star--was Undercovers which tanked. Let's not mince words here: Undercovers had a big budget, promotion, the Abrams name, and did horribly, not to mention skewed old. NBC execs must be having a pity party right now.
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