Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review - The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 15 Bang

Did anyone think The Good Wife would be this good? I was expecting a mismatch of tired themes, and instead got a deep, heartfelt show with characters that connect on every level. As the series continues, the courtroom drama still serves as a side not to the work and family drama. The formula works amazingly well for a show that rarely strays out of the box in the legal realm.

The case of the week involved Brad Broussard accused of shooting Miles Wagner, who wasted all his money on Bernie Madoff. The real killer is Wagner's partner, Martin Knox and his wife Rachel Knox. It's nothing special, but it works in the frame of the show. I would like to see the occasional focus on a case just to see what it would be like.

Testimony from a ballistics expert, Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole) helps greatly. He has a great rapport with Diane, and they have a splendid time together. Diane has grown a lot since the beginning. At first, she seemed like the typical boss that would just be the mean person hampering Alicia at every point. She's grown into her own character with her own troubles, and isn't really that bad.

At home, Peter struggles to adjust at first, but plays video games with his kids. Alicia is the one at work while Peter stays home. Peter hires Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) to help with everything. He's like a the master of everything, and despite objections from his advisors, Peter keeps him. Zach shows Peter the faked photos, and Gold immediately knows what's up. There's a federal investigation.

Will pulls Alicia off the case, leading to their most tension filled scene yet. The dialogue is filled with innuendo and those looks. Her situation with Peter has reversed from before, but the extent of the reversal is yet to be determined. What if Alicia is caught in bed with Will? There's so many juicy stories coming up.

Kalinda meets up with the FBI agent Lana Davenport (Jill Flint) for help with the investigation. Davenport offers her a job saying she wants Kalinda under her--figuratively and literally. If there needed to be 100% confirmation Kalinda was a lesbian, that was it.

Score: 9.2/10
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