Sunday, March 21, 2010

Preview of Week 03/21/10 - 03/27/10

Breaking Bad - AMC, Sunday, March 21, 10:00pm ET

The best drama on television returns. When last we saw them, Walk was filthy rich, Skyler left Walt for his habitual lying, and Jesse was overwhelmed by guilt. Walt had also indirectly caused a plane crash whose wreckage came down on his house.

Nurse Jackie/United States of Tara - Showtime, Monday, March 22, 10:00/30pm ET

Both are mediocre shows with great leads in Edie Falco and Toni Collette. Nurse Jackie has very dark humor and an attitude that unfairly maligns medical practitioners everywhere. United States of Tara is too quirky to be a drama and not funny enough to be a comedy, so it's stuck in limbo. I watched the first two episodes of the new seasons and I'd probably take United States of Tara first.

Castle - ABC, Monday, March 22, 10:00pm ET

The first of the two-part episode features a serial killer, and from the looks of the promo, Kate gets in a considerable amount of trouble. Dana Delany guest stars as FBI Special Agent Jordan Shaw.

Supernatural - CW, Thursday, March 25, 9:00pm ET

After a long break, the show is back with a Bobby-centric episode. Looks good!

Caprica - Syfy, Friday, March 26, 9:00pm ET

The midseason finale is sure to bring some surprises. This is the last new episode before October so you better watch.
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