Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Steps to Save Your Favorite Show

Your favorite show is struggling with ratings and on the verge of collapse. Look no further. Here's the only surefire solution to save your show. No more watching live (which doesn't work by the way unless you're in a Nielsen family), no more donating money to thieves, and no more buying subs.

1. Buy duct tape.
2. Buy gloves.
3. Buy a mask.
4. Look on the internet for Nielsen families and find their address.
5. Break into their house (not sure how to do this effectively, but make sure to wear the gloves and the mask)
6. Turn their television to the show you want to save.
7. If there are people home, tape them up.
8. Repeat 100 times.
9. Run like hell.
10. Enjoy the next season of your favorite show.
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