Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review - Parenthood Season 1 Episode 4 Whassup

There were many things that annoyed me about the episode, so I'll just start with Crosby. Jabbar sleeps over with him and right off bat Crosby makes a huge mistake. It's good that he's trying, but his immaturity shines through each time. He orders pizza and as we know, Jabbar is lactose intolerant which is why he vomited from the chocolate and he couldn't drink the milt. I'm not sure why the writers didn't follow up on this. Jabbar gets this thumb stuck in a soda can which causes him to freak out. Julia saves the day and shows how great of a mother she could be if she had time. She also asks Crosby if Jabbar is really his. It's been five years, a long

Julia and Joel go out on date night and have Amber babysit Sydney after Sarah tells them Amber got upset after she couldn't babysit Sydney earlier. Sarah had to get back at Julia somehow and chose to use Amber as a weapon. She is partially redeemed by the scenes with her and Amber. They bond over past experiences and I still like them a lot.

Adam and Kristina find out about Haddie's boyfriend, Steve,  and worry so much they lock her up. It falls into the grey are of parenting where the line is for electronic intrusion. Crosby helps them access her Facebook account and the result was both parties becoming upset.

Drew and Adam masturbation talk? Awkward...

The ending was very sappy as usual with a big family get-together. It's the same thing every week. I've been liking the series thus far, but if this episode will be the majority, I don't think I'll keep watching. The ratings have been dropping each week, so we'll see if the show will come back for another season.

Score: 8.4/10
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