Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review - Southland Season 2 Episode 4 The Runner

If the series doesn't get picked up, for more episodes, there's just two episodes left after this. I haven't had time to review Southland due to the 7+ other shows on the same night and it's only going to get worse when V returns. I've thoroughly enjoyed all four episodes this season, and while the series doesn't reinvent the police procedural as some would claim, it does provide a unique perspective that no other police procedural has.

Ben and John visit Dewey in rehab, and what they see isn't pretty. It's pretty much the same Dewey except he's sober. Instead of a drunk Dewey who's loud and obnoxious, there's a clean Dewey who's loud and obnoxious. I hated him drunk and I think I may hate him even more now. Later, they go to a funeral for John's friend. We meet his ex-wife and learn that his friend was also gay, but they ignored each other at the gay bar.

Lydia and her new partner, Ray Suarez (Clifton Collins, Jr), the replacement of Cordero, find an female body with a few bullet holes. Her ID indicates that she is named Nicole and a student at SULA, probably a combination of UCLA, USC, and CSU LA. She was a track star and her parents had high hopes for her to win in the Olympics. We see the dark side of school athletics programs. Her ex-boyfriend, a football player, is shielded from every angle and is allowed to get away with anything. As long as he performs on the field, the school administration gives him a free pass. Nicole was also into drugs, something her father adamantly denies. Ultimately, Lydia catches a drug dealer who Nicole had been stealing drugs from. He only wanted to shoot her legs to stop her from running but missed. After seeing what happened to this girl, Lydia calls her mother to thank her for all the things she did. There was a bigger issue: Regina King's arms. They're huge!!

Score: 9.3/10
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