Friday, March 5, 2010

Review - Burn Notice Season 3 Episode 16 Devil You Know

Really? The season ended with a huge twist--Michael going to a secret prison--that will set the course for the next season. I'm sure there will be great episodes breaking him out, so I'm looking forward to that. The path to the finish line was about as nonsensical as the typical Chuck plot.

Simon as it turns out is just a random guy who's never met Michael. This continues the trend of new people showing up to direct Michael closer and closer to getting back in the spy business. By now, I don't really care since they'll end of dead soon, and there's never any resolution. Management took all of Simon's exploits and put them on Michael's file. As a grade-A psychopath, Simon wants revenge on Simon, and uses Michael to get it.

With the FBI and police swarming everywhere, Michael sneaks back into his loft to contact Management, telling him to have a plan to deal with Simon. When Management arrives, he has a team with him, but Simon destroys his helicopter and men. There's a lot of confusion afterwards, and ends with Michael having Simon at gunpoint. Management comes over and tells Michael not to shoot. Michael doesn't, and is taking into police custody.

The entire episode, FBI agents berate Madeline for not giving up Michael. It's sad to see her confront pictures of all the terrible things Michael supposedly did, but she has enough faith in him that she doesn't crack, instead opting to go to jail to protect him.

If you've noticed, I have mentioned Sam and Fi yet. They spent the majority of the episode doing nothing. Simon has a bomb in a hotel as leverage against Michael. Sam and Fi disarm it easily, and after that, it's smooth sailing. Michael specifically tells them not to do anything, and they follow his instructions. Unlike the Season 3 finale where they go to help, they stay put as Michael gets carried off.

The build-up of the season was all directed towards Michael meeting back up with Management. Gilroy and Simon were just distractions who didn't have a purpose in the end other than bringing Management in. Count me as disappointed.

Score: 8.5/10
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