Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review - Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 4 Una Venta

"Una Venta" features a twist on the classic "don't do drugs" message, and it hangs over SAMCRO and their activity for the rest of the season. The Tuscon charter is ostensibly addicted to drugs, unable to stop dealing even after learning of the devious methods which got them started in the first place. The cash flow is simply too great to give up. Then the Sons see the drugs at the end of the episode, and they've officially become mules. Now they're all embroiled in the world of drugs, which would have made JT squirm a whole lot if guns made him worried, and addicted to the money it brings.

It goes back to Jax's statement earlier in the season that the club is held together by fear and greed. Those who voted against drugs are too scared to do anything (and Bobby, who did speak loudly against it, will probably be dealt with via the information and photos Potter gave Otto) and those who voted for drugs only do it for the money. It's getting increasingly impossible for the club as a whole to be seen in positive light, and while there haven't been much negative consequences yet, I'm sure they're coming.

Aside from that, there weren't any big plot moments in the episode and "Una Venta" served mostly as a setup episode. Gemma gets to know Roosevelt's wife who is a florist while Potter informs her of a way Jacob Hale could lose out, hoping to push the club towards making a wrong move. This is promising stuff--and nothing as dumb as the truck plot last week--so I'm still optimistic about this season.

Score: 9.1/10
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