Friday, September 2, 2011

Review - Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 11 Better Halves

The relationship of Michael and Fi fits perfectly into the fabric of Burn Notice. It's never taken too seriously, never really advances, but never poses a significant problem. There's no smoldering romance or dreamy stares, no game-changing drama, but they can be charming at times. All in all, the parts of their relationship we see are probably a net positive. "Better Halves" shows us some problems in their relationship with some fun scenes and it's all fine in the end. As unconventional as everything is, Fi is happy and Michael is happy too.

On the other hand, we're constantly bombarded by the conspiracy theory plot and it's tiring by now. Sam and Jesse track down Tavian, Max's killer, and manage to corner him so Michael can speak to him. But Michael is now at Pearce's gunpoint and she won't listen to him. What will happen?!?!?!? Let me guess: shooting, explosions, spy tricks, ominous conversations, and Michael going further down the rabbit hole, learning a new piece of information that doesn't explain the whole story.

Score: 8.5/10

  • Before the Mr. & Mrs. Smith shootout, Michael rescuing Fi reminded me of the great 24 scene in the fourth season when Tony rescues Jack and Audrey from the bad guy. Even the characters work out in the situation. Fi is Jack, the BAMF, Michael is Tony, also a BAMF but smarter, and Charisma Carpenter is Audrey, the person who cries and hides.
  • Speaking of Charisma Carpenter, I always wonder what the fifth season of Angel would be like if she were still part of the cast. Angel and Spike was already enough to make it the best season and Cordelia in addition would have been crazy.

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