Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review - NCIS Season 9 Episode 2 Restless

I get what Steven Binder is going for in "Restless," but it's complete inconceivable. We're supposed to believe that Tony has believed for years that he was the one who hung people up on flagpoles. After he tries to apologize to the victim, he remembers one small detail: he was the one being hung up on the flagpoles. Uh... really? Tony forgot those kind of details? He forgot recent events in the season premiere, but forgetting events from high school is completely different. Wasn't Tony supposed to be the coolest guy on the block, playing sports and everything?

Worst of all, it feels like Tony's thing was contrived to fit in with the the plot of the woman forgetting her abusive past and reliving her high school years. It's okay if the writers want to take Tony down a notch or two, because he's been amazingly resilient these past years despite what he's gone through, but this whole reversal on his high school memory is just bad.

Score: 7.8/10
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