Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review - The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 1 A New Day

Since CBS started promoting the third season of The Good Wife, it's been perfectly clear where the writers are going: it's going to be a different show. And indeed, after watching "A New Day," I can confirm that it is a very different show, from the title sequence to Alicia's appearance to the sexual energy coursing through the show's veins.

These changes are part of what delineates The Good Wife from most network shows, and especially CBS shows. The writers aren't content to sit back and let things be the same year after year. Alicia won't always be at Peter's side, the characters won't always to friendly to each other, and the landscape they're in will change. It's good to know the writers are still pushing forward, tweaking things to make the show into a complete narrative.

Looking at the show from high up, there are moving pieces everywhere. Cary is working for Peter but is still in contact with Kalinda. Kalinda is still on the outs with Alicia but is in contact with Kelli Giddish's character who is also working for the State's Attorney's office. Eli is now working at Lockhart Gardener while working on Peter's governor campaign. Yeah, there's a lot going on.

The case of "A New Day" isn't all that great--the writers commenting on Muslim-Jewish relations rather directly and with added "Look, I know video games! That makes me hip!" dialogue--but we get to see Eli working his magic and Peter messing with Alicia during the case. It'll be interesting to see how Peter and Alicia deal with each other in the future, and with Eli suspecting something between Peter and Alicia (because he was lying to Peter, right?), things can get a lot worse.

The final scene shows us what's going through Alicia's mind and what she'll be thinking as the show progresses. She's just said good-bye to her husband and kids, and now, a less than an hour later, Will is at her door. At the hotel, at Will's place--those were far away, contained outside her bubble. But now Will is at her home and it's as personal as it gets. Alicia stares at herself in the mirror, not entirely sure who she is or what she wants.

Score: 8.8/10
  • I didn't comment on the tutor/video because I didn't get it. I might even prefer the weird Christian stuff at this point.
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