Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review - Alphas Season 1 Episode 9 Blind Spot

When I think about Brent Spiner on Star Trek: TNG, his most memorable performances were not as Data but as Lore, Data's malevolent brother. He projected a calm that went with Data's character but also managed the underlying evil of Lore, and every confrontation was always polarizing. In "Blind Spot," Spiner plays a similar character, an alpha who is blind. There he is one moment, calmly sitting and talking, and in another causing havoc at the headquarters. He makes for a pretty awesome enemy, the best one yet in my opinion.

To add to that, there's Griffin, who finds blind spots to avoid being seen by others. She creates a frantic situation as the team learns of her presence. While she's causing trouble, Dr. Kern is doing worse, making the last act of the episode very fast paced and energetic. On top of this, it all plausibly fits into the established mythology. Kern wants more alphas and doesn't see eye to eye with Rosen while Griffin is an alpha for hire.

My inner X-Files fanboy has to comment that Griffin has parts of two X-Files characters--Robert Modell, who coined himself a ronin, and the Vietnam POW who could exploit blind spots. Not saying that Alphas is unoriginal or anything--just something that popped into my head.

Score: 9.2/10
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