Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review - The Office Season 8 Episode 1 The List

With Michael Scott gone from the show, there was a lot in the air before the season premiere aired, and there are more questions after the season premiere. I'm curious to see where the show goes from here, given how it seems to have hit a creative dead end plot-wise. There's this new guy Robert California and Andy is the new manager, but I don't see where this is going.

I have an uneasy feeling about Robert California, because I don't know who he is. I want to pin him down and say something definitive about him, but he's just a weird character, not in the obvious way Michael Scott was, but in an inscrutable, off-putting way. Magically, he took Jo's job and is now CEO of Saber. Why and how are important questions, but the writers don't even broach the subject. Next, his behavior in the episode--creating a list of people, then calling half winners and the other half losers--was mean, but his demeanor was pretty emotional. I don't get what's up with him. Worst of all, I didn't find him funny once.

OK, I admit I liked the planking parts, especially Meredith getting pushed into the toilet. Stanley's new thing, "shove it up your butt!" wasn't bad either since he isn't supposed to do stuff like that. If it were Ryan doing that, on the other hand, I'd probably be annoyed.

Score: 8.1/10
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