Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review - Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 1 Out

I think the biggest problem of the third season of Sons of Anarchy was, above all, a high-level of expectation that just wasn't met. After a monumental second season--arguably one of the best in the post Sopranos, Wire, Shield era--the third season took a big turn, sending the club along a long chase before landing them in Ireland. It certainly wasn't the most exciting and felt tedious at times, but I wouldn't say the season was bad, as some commenters on the internet say.  At the very least, Sons puts almost every show to shame by virtue of acting and Kurt Sutter's vision.

Now that the third season and Irish monkey business are over, the show starts anew, with the jailed members leaving prison. Immediately evident is the lingering influence of the third season--the doubts Jax has about the club and his father, the business dealings made at the end of the season. While it is a happy day, Opie getting married (Lyla looked really unsure about this, but I'm hoping Opie doesn't receive another blow.) and such, the underpinnings for conflict are there. Jax tells Tara, without any doubts, that he plans on leaving the club once Clay can't ride. He understands what the club has become--a club held together by fear and greed--and, unlike his father, plans to act on his beliefs. But at the same time, the need for retribution is alive and kicking, as Otto takes out the Russian who stabbed Jax and Jax kills the head Russian. There is an internal conflict brewing--Jax feels a need to fulfill a duty to his club but also understands the poisonous environment it is.

As far as the plots moving forward, the newcomers seem like welcome additions. Sheriff Roosevelt already proves himself to be smart and honest and US Attorney Potter seems to be smart. With Hale moving into town with new construction--and in turn more residents--the club has to move before Charming becomes an unrecognizable town.

Score: 8.9/10
  •   This is pure speculation on my part, but Juice's look at the end of the episode and Potter having the capability to put a mole inside the Russian mafia could indicate something more.  
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