Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review - The Closer Season 7 Episode 10 Fresh Pursuit

With more episodes starting in November as well as more episodes next summer, The Closer actually has quite a ways to go before ending despite being in its last season. As such, the main storyline, Brenda getting sued, isn't over yet. The case is dismissed, but Goldman decides to pursue her at the federal level, somehow having found out about similar instances to the Terrell Baylor one.

What's disturbing is how dogged Goldman is in going after her and her specifically. While Goldman may have a valid point about Brenda's conduct, he's like one of those ACLU types who has gone off the edge. This case is personal, because he feels the need to get rid of her and wants to get in her face before the trial begins, and it makes him an insufferable character. Of course, Curtis Armstrong knows plenty well how to play an insufferable, having played one for years on Moonlighting.

Regarding the leak, I think it's Pope, even if there is no evidence. He's always seemed like an ass and that final scene, opening the door to the lawyer for Brenda to get chewed out, is pretty suspicious.

We're getting a better idea of how Brenda will eventually leave the show as the season moves on. It's doubtful Goldman will win in the end--the writers probably don't want Brenda to bow out in shame. But it's clear the lawsuit has gotten to her and she may be close to cracking. She is obviously distressed when the suspect kills himself in the interrogation room and berates the sheriff's deputy for going beyond the law.

The case this week felt more like an opportunity for Brenda to reflect on past events than anything else. The car theft thing never really took off and ended with the restaurant hostess, one of the only three asked about the theft (the other two being the guy who killed himself and the sheriff's deputy), being arrested.

Score: 8.5/10
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