Thursday, September 22, 2011

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Wednesday 9/21/11

FOX won with The X Factor (4.4). If FOX were looking for Idol-like numbers with X Factor, which I'm guessing they were, the execs were surely disappointed. If they were looking for looking for average numbers, which I'm certain they weren't, then they'd be happy.

ABC was second with The Middle (3.1), Modern Family (6.1), and Revenge (3.3). Great premieres for ABC across the board.

CBS was third with Survivor (3.2), Criminal Minds (4.1), and CSI (3.2). CBS's Wednesday lineup, with the addition of CSI, performed very well.

NBC was last with Up All Night (2.4), Free Agents (1.3), Harry's Law (1.2), Law & Order: SVU (2.4). More NBC woes, you say? Up All Night and Law & Order are fine for now, but Free Agents and Harry's Law look dead.
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