Friday, September 23, 2011

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 9/22/11

FOX won with The X Factor (4.3). Not Idol-like numbers again, but not bad either.

CBS was second with The Big Bang Theory (4.9, 5.1), Person Of Interest (3.1), and The Mentalist (2.8). CBS should be happy with those ratings.

ABC was third with Charlie's Angels (2.1) and Grey's Anatomy (4.1). Charlie's Angels topped what My Generations got last year, but that doesn't count for much. If the ratings stay the exact same, it should be fine, tough.

NBC was last with Community (1.7, Parks & Recreation (2.1), The Office (3.9), Whitney (3.3), and Prime Suspect (1.8). Mixed night for NBC, which is great news for them actually. Whitney held onto most of The Office's ratings, but Prime Suspect didn't do so well.
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