Monday, July 11, 2011

Review - Leverage Season 4 Episode 3 The 15 Minutes Job

"The 15 Minutes Job" was the funniest episode of Leverage in a long time with plenty of great moments from all the characters and lots of Parker in particular. I can't help but laugh whenever Parker is talking and she had tons of lines in the episode. The case was standard stuff, taking down a guy who ruins reputations, without any big twists which made the episode uncomplicated so we could enjoy all the jokes fully.

I was having some doubts about the episode since the target in question didn't seem too bad at first. Yes, he ruined others' lives, but only on the orders of those who pay him. But then the writers gave us a fully sufficient reason to hate him when the team learns that he killed a passenger in the car while drunk driving and pinned it on someone else. That pretty much sealed the deal and put him on par with the other scoundrels and the rest was history.

Score: 9.1/10
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