Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review - The Closer Season 7 Episode 2 Repeat Offender

It turns out that Delk did die and Pope is now Chief of Police. Funny how these things work out... Anyway, it adds extra layers to the IA investigation, sure to complicate matters for Brenda and her department. Pope as Chief would normally be a good thing since he has and would protect Brenda. However, because Delk initiated the investigation and Pope is new, he has to cover all his bases, especially since he was the one would granted the guy immunity which led to Brenda dropping him off where he got killed. And because of department rules, Raydor cannot tell Brenda what Pope ordered of her. It's a dangerous game everyone is playing and it'll only get more volatile as the season goes on.

The case in "Repeat Offender" is pretty forgettable, with Brenda's usual tricks to catch unsuspecting suspects on camera and during the interrogation. Like the case in the season premiere, there was little to see, not much intensity or something different.

Score: 8.2/10
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