Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review - Chaos Season 1 Episode 11 Deep Cover Band

I haven't been reviewing Chaos lately, but I've still been watching and my thoughts are generally the same as they were. I wanted to comment on "Deep Cover Band" because the ODS's behavior at the beginning of the episode disturbed me a bit. The team goes to pick up Gallo, but he runs outside and gets on a scooter. While this is happening, Casey and Billy are happily sitting back, allowing Gallo to drive off and only giving chase later. The result is Gallo flying off a bridge into water, and he's presumed dead. Even more nonchalantly, the team assumes he is dead and moves on.

It's disturbing how little they care about Gallo. From the way the back entrance, their car, and the scooter were positioned, Billy and Casey could easily have stopped him--Michael and Rick could have given chase as well--but chose not to for whatever reason. After Gallo falls into the water, they don't care to search for him or look to see if the police recovered the body, jumping to the easy conclusion. The sad part about this is that Gallo is no different from the ODS. He is an American, a CIA operative placed in a dangerous position to help the country. But instead of saving him, the ODS makes a mockery out of him and treat him as badly as a criminal.

Of course, Gallo turns up alive in the end and this whole thing becomes a big plot device for Gallo to appear to die. Still, in the process of doing so, it makes the ODS seem like callous, unfeeling people.

Score: 7.5/10
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