Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review - Warehouse 13 Season 3 Episode 3 Love Sick

I want to watch more of the season before casting judgment, but "Love Sick" is a bit troubling. The main plot is solid and what you would expect from the show. Artie, Claudia, Dr. Vanessa, and Hugo Miller discover an artifact that is turning people in clay while Artie deals with the fact that Vanessa and Hugo had something going on. The stakes are pretty high and Saul Rubinek is good at the serious as well as the funny.

However, there is another plot back at the Warehouse, unattached and completely pointless. It's funny stuff, to be sure, but that's all it is, a glorified romp through the Warehouse, showing all the cool and funny things Pete and Myka could do with the artifacts. There is some mystery, as the two had bronzed Steve while under an artifact's effects, but they quickly solve the problem and we see what happened in a series of flashbacks. I'm fine with this plot, but it also took up big chunk of the episode which seemed unnecessary. Will the rest of the season follow in this way?

Score: 8.4/10
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