Monday, July 11, 2011

Review - Falling Skies Season 1 Episode 5 Silent Kill

At this point, halfway through the first season of Falling Skies, there's not much we can really say about the show. We know the characters--a set of mostly bland, generic, good-looking people--and the enemies--mechs and skitters--who have yet to reveal their motives. The plot thus far has been about as unimpressive, groups sent out to recover supplies or harnessed kids. All in all, it's fairly standard alien invasion stuff. Those who expected the Battlestar Galactica of alien invasions probably didn't get what they expected.

"Silent Kill" wraps up the goal from the second episode to get Ben back. With Margaret's knowledge of the hospital, Hal is able to sneak in the hospital, stab the skitter while everyone comes to help, and they get away cleanly. The surgeries are performed and just like that one of the major goals is resolved.
The more important part of the episode was the backstory for the characters. We learn that Margaret was a cancer survivor and not the hard-ass chick she seemed like. Anne doesn't have any photos of her family so that weighs on her. And there's something troubling Weaver, though there's nothing specific.

After last week's episodes, you would expect a guard to be watching the skitter at any time. Nope! Harris tests his luck and is killed like an idiot. It's as senseless as a death can get, random and born out of sheer stupidity. There is a consequence in that Anne is the one who must perform the surgery and bear the burden of the dead child.

What happened to Karen? Are they not going to look for her?

Score: 8.2/10
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