Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review - The Closer Season 7 Episode 1 Unknown Trouble

The seventh and final season of The Closer begins with a very lackluster case. There is a dead rapper and 6 other bodies, and Brenda eventually catches the killer, the ex-boyfriend of the rapper's girlfriend. The dead people are barely established and we're given little reason to care about them other than that the music industry probably corrupted them. Gabrielle's connection doesn't factor in the end and is explored, oddly enough, through conversations in the police headquarters rather than Gabrielle actually talking to the victims' parents.

But the case wasn't the primary issue in the episode. Brenda has bigger issues, with a lawsuit filed against her for her actions in "War Zone," in which Brenda released a gangbanger out in a neighborhood where she knew he'd get beaten to death. Now, Delk and Raydor are breathing down her neck and with Pope moved to traffic, there's no one to protect her this time.

The episode ends on a shocking note as Chief Delk keels over with a stroke. So much for worrying about what Delk would do. Presuming that Delk dies or is put out of commission, the Chief of Police position is once again open. Taylor? Pope? Brenda? With the seventh season being the last and the announcement of a spin-off called Major Crimes starring Mary McDonnell, there are many on options on the table.

Those fretting over the end of The Closer can breath easier for a while longer. Although the first 15 episodes of the season will air this year, there will be another 6 episodes next summer to ease into the spin-off, giving us plenty of time to give Brenda our last goodbyes.

Score: 8.4/10
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