Friday, July 8, 2011

Review - Flashpoint Season 4 Episode 1 Personal Effects

I haven't been reviewing Flashpoint since CBS has been aired the episodes out of order and I didn't want to deal with the order/episode numbers, but now that CBS and CTV are in the same spot, I'll start reviewing the show again.

The third season finale was a pretty clever clip show and set up problems for the team beyond the usual crimes. Through all the adversary and bad things that have happened as a team or individually, the team was always the glue that kept everyone together. Everyone knew they had back-up when they need it and everyone offered their support. That's what made the job bearable. But then this psychologist comes, and with Greg's help, switches things up significantly and breaks the team apart.

With the shooting of Ed, the team is reformed and there are no immediate consequences by the end of "Personal Effects." Jules and Sam are safe, and Ed's wife Sophia and their baby are fine. But there is a significant crack that will be explored later in the season--Dr. Toth basically forcing Greg to keep a close eye on the team, not as a friend but as a boss and this clearly upsets Greg.

Score: 8.8/10
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