Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review - Haven Season 2 Episode 1 A Tale of Two Audreys

I stopped watching Haven midway through the first season due to reasons I'll explain later, but I caught up a few months ago just to see if anything improved. Well, it didn't. There were some episodes which were more interesting, but the central premise of the show is still underwhelming. The show has a complete focus on these "troubles" while ignoring everything else. Unlike other Syfy shows, there is little humor, tension, human drama, or anything remotely interesting. These troubles are basically one big plot device, unexplained but governing every aspect of the show. A discussion of the troubles goes like this: Something bad happened? It's the troubles. What are the troubles? Bad things.

"A Tale of Two Audreys" follows the same format and is pretty boring save the appearance of the other Audrey Parker. The Biblical plagues occur all over town and after investigation, Audrey finds out that the guy read the Exodus earlier in the day. He's troubled, but Audrey gets him to read another book and all is well. It's completely random and bizarre, and no one seems to explore further into what the troubles actually are unless the troubles are actively doing something bad.

On the other hand, the arrival of this other Audrey Parker, who seems to have all of Audrey's memories, is kind of interesting, considering her FBI boss seems to be real and shows up at the end of the episode. Does that mean Audrey's boss isn't actually in the FBI. But the plot suffers the same problem as the rest of the show--a lack of curiosity. Obviously this new Audrey Parker doesn't have the Haven memories of the other Audrey. Why not backtrack to see when their memories diverge?

Score: 7.6/10
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