Friday, July 8, 2011

Review - Suits Season 1 Episode 3 Inside Track

Perhaps this is case of lowered expectations for USA shows, but nonetheless Suits once again impressed me. At the office place, there are plenty of things for Mike to deal with already, learning the ropes, dealing with Louis, helping Harvey. And in his personal life, he has plenty to handle as well, Trevor and Jenny, his grandmother, and possibly something with Rachel. Compared to the content of other USA shows, this is quite a bit more material.

And despite that, the writers continue to handle the show with ease. "Inside Track" is a very fluid episode, going from one plot to another without ever skipping a beat and feels very complete by the end of the episode. The main plot--Harvey trying to kick on the incoming CEO of a company he represents--isn't overly complex, but it mixes the elements developed in previous episodes, namely the office politics which is wrought with surprises at every turn, and Mike's growing competence.

On the personal side of things, Mike finds himself facing Jenny and Trevor again, this time owning up to his previous cover-up and finally confronting Trevor. That tension between Jenny and Mike in the pilot was explained once they start kissing, confirming most of our suspicions. The episode ends with a hint of a love triangle as Mike turns down a call from Rachel, who seemed to have a really good time with Mike at dinner.

Rick Hoffman is excellent at playing the snarky jackass, but I feel like the writers might be pushing it a little too far. His character is so grotesquely mean-spirited that you begin wondering why he isn't fired. We never see him contribute to the company in a large way, but he's always causing trouble.

Score: 8.9/10
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