Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review - Flashpoint Season 4 Episode 3 Run, Jaime, Run

Years after something becomes popular, television writers suddenly discover it and marvel in the wonders of it, deciding to incorporate it into an episode. This usually turns into an awkward mess where the writers are trying to throw in these "cool" terms so they sound hip and with the times. "Run, Jaime, Run" is somewhere in that vicinity, but manages to avoid the major problems that befall these episodes. Yes, there are descriptions of social media and its implications, definitions of internet lingo (ROFLMAO), but Flashpoint is a show which always keeps moving and the episode doesn't get bogged down.

Also, there is a message in the episode, which trumped the glories of technology, regarding the way people view other people--Jaimie and Kyle, Sam and Natalie, the public and Jaimie. The incorporation of technology with this idea made for a great twist, as the girl Jaimie was helping by killing her father turned out to be a guy manipulating him over the internet and with a voice changer.

Score: 8.8/10
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