Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thoughts on Comic-Con + reviews of No Ordinary Family and Nikita

I live in San Diego, so I can buy a one-day pass and not feel bad about wasting my time (as opposed to people who come from far away). Anyway, I was planning on watching The Event premiere after the Chuck panel, but I got in line waaaaay too late... so I missed both. Still, things turned out all right as the Family Guy panel after Chuck was pretty awesome and I got to see a clip of the third Star Wars parody and Seth MacFarlane perform the down syndrome song.

I saw a bunch of stuff and I'll upload pictures, but more importantly, I saw the pilots of No Ordinary Family and Nikita.

Without giving away too much, No Ordinary Family is as ordinary as it gets: Generic powers, generic family, generic jokes. But hey, I got a free shirt.

On the other hand, Nikita was truly awesome. Despite missing the first couple minutes, which I presume was Nikita in a bikini (really disappointed in missing that), I had a blast the entire time. High octane action scenes, fast pacing, and jaw-dropping cinematography really blew my mind, far outstripping my expectations. The plot, too, was impressive, allowing for free range of creativity.

My feet hurt and I'm tired, so that's all I have for now, but if I have more, I'll post a later day.
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