Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review - Psych Season 5 Episode 1 Romeo and Juliet and Juliet

The title of the episode, "Romeo and Juliet and Juliet" lays out exactly what the episode is about. There's a Chinese Triad version of Romeo and Juliet and the other featured character is Juliet. In between were some cool action scenes and not much else.

In its fifth season, Psych is a show we've come not to expect much from. The characters have the subtlety of bricks and the jokes are reused over and over again. And still, the actors manage to make me laugh. Shawn and Gus bicker for most of the episode, leaving a very simplistic case to solve, Shawn's fake psychic abilities notwithstanding. Hopefully, Shawn's dad joining the police department will spur the writers into putting Shawn's secret actually at risk, though that's doubtful.

Like everything else on the show, Juliet's return was very simplistic and beaten over the head relentless. In essence, everyone bothers her about coming back until she saves Shawn in the end and decides to come back.

Honestly, I'll probably be doing very brief reviews (less than 5 sentences) of Psych from now on if I do a review at all. The show simply doesn't have enough meat to say much about.

Score: 8.2/10
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