Monday, July 26, 2010

Review - Leverage Season 3 Episode 7 The Gone Fishin' Job

Sorry readers, but no more long reviews for Leverage. With Mad Men returning this next and Rubicon premiering next week, my plate is complete full. The food is practically on the ground...

I said last week how the jobs this season seemed simple compared to the previous seasons (although my memory of the first two seasons are hazy). "The Gone Fishin' Job" was simply, taking a few steps to finish. This week, the team went after a rich guy who funds a militia.

Dressing up as IRS agents, Hardison and Eliot are kidnapped by the government-hating militia and end up going through the woods handcuffed with a militia behind them was hilarious as the two are so diverse in their backgrounds, making the chatter very funny.

Overall, it was a standard episode--not bad, but not particularly good either. Parker provided the usual laughs, there was action, and a few dramatic moments. The Italian woman did not show up, making it, I believe, the third episode in a row without her. There are still 9 episodes left in the season, but I'd expected more movement this far into the season.

Score: 8.6/10
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