Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review - Haven Season 1 Episode 2 Butterfly

I'm a sucker for sci-fi, but Haven is so far from meeting the mark that I'm ready to stop watching. This week's episode featured another weak case--even worse than the pilot's ridiculousness--and the rest of the pieces remain as nebulous as ever.

The adopted son of a woman Nathan used to be friendly with has nightmares which become real. The case is over in a jiffy as the kid is prescribed medicine to end night terrors. Um... OK?

A big problem with the show is that clearly, something is direly wrong with the town, but everyone's attitude doesn't reflect that. From Nathan to the townsfolk, they go about business as usual. Even Audrey, an outsider, doesn't act too surprised about the events. I'd be freaking out if a blanket wrapped me in a cocoon, but Audrey is calm and collected other than a small expression of shock at first which quickly dissipates.

The explanation for their behavior is that similar events happened in 1983--around the time the photo was taken. So Nathan knows more than he let on, but other than a few worthless hints, we know next to nothing. Why doesn't Nathan tell Audrey everything?

As if Audrey's declaration to stay in Haven at the end of last week's episode wasn't enough, a subplot of "Butterfly" is her decision to actually stay, seemingly a rehash of what we already know--she wants to stay to figure out the deal with the picture and the town.

Score: 6.5/10
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