Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review - Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 4 Age Before Beauty

Following many other shows attacking the fashion industry, Warehouse 13 dived in, highlighting the shady practices, bitchy women--and an artifact loosed on the beautiful models, stealing their beauty and eventually lives. The episode was what we'd usually see--humor, drama, a simple plot revolving around Man Ray's camera--and for all the male viewers, Myka in a dress!

Myka talking about how her sister was prettier than her and how she could never go out on the runway rang very hollow. Since these are actors, no one isn't stunning and well--Myka looked better than the models. How are we supposed to believe she has self-esteem issues about how she looks?

Not attempting any subtlety, the writers also had Artie step in as Claudia's father figure. After a first failed date with Todd, Claudia has no clue what to do until Artie finally sets her right--and brings her and Todd back together.

From what the interviews I've watched or read on Warehouse 13, everyone seems convinced Myka and Peter have a brother sister relationship. While that may be the case right now, there with awfully a lot of indications in the episode that something more could develop between them. Instead of teasing Myka for being in the dress, he comforts her in her time of need, telling her she is beautiful. Myka, in turn, is pleased with his words and rushes out to the runway. Because it's early in the season, we should definitely keep an eye on what happens between the two.

Score: 8.3/10
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