Monday, July 19, 2010

Review - Leverage Season 3 Episode 6 The Studio Job

The characters on Leverage all have special talents which let them get by, but singing? Using Christian Kane's existing musical abilities, the writers spun a great story surrounding Eliot and the country music world. The episode where a character is clearly in the center work well, because it allows the audience to connect more readily with the character and the subject area, while the other characters still function in their usual roles.

Guest stars, John Schneider and Alona Tal), both delivered some of the best guest performances of the season, Schneider as the slimy music magnate Mike Kirkwood and Tal as the adorable yet alluring Kaye Lynn. Kirkwood is scum of the lowest order, brutally beating his way to the top by stealing music as his own. Kaye and her brother, up-and-coming musicians, get caught up in his machinations, and the Leverage team is there to help.

Eliot is inserted as a singer, who is an instant hit. Without any electronic help, he belts out a soulful song, which catches Kirkwood's attention. Knowing that Kirkwood wants to steal the song and even Eliot's voice, Nate manipulates him into revealing he killed the original singer who brought him to fame and that he steals songs.

A usual, the other characters provided the comic relief in their own ways. Parker can usually get away with being a little weird, as she does have real mental problems, but dressing up as a duck and squeaking seemed too over the top and unbelievable. Hardison dresses in a ridiculous white fur coat, pretending to be a rap producer, allowing him free reign to order people around. For the most part, Nate and Sophie didn't go much again, acting as the people who legitimized Eliot. I'm waiting for them to work out whatever tension is between them, but it's not going anywhere. They say words in tandem--clearly they're on the same page--but nothing's being done about it.

It might be my short term memory, but do the jobs this season seem less on the complex side than the previous two seasons? I don't mind, but it's an observation I had while watching the episode.

Score: 9.0/10
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