Friday, July 9, 2010

Review - Flashpoint Season 3 Episode 6 The Farm

OK, I just found out that CBS aired "The Farm" as episode 3 and "Behind the Blue Line" as episode 6. It was aired in a different order in Canada and pretty much throws off my numbering. Since that's the case, if you want to read my reviews for Flashpoint, look at the episode titles.

In the order aired in Canada, today's episode would be "The Farm" and I've already reviewed "Just a Man," the second episode of the double-feature tonight, so I'll review "The Farm" right now and try to finish reviewing the rest of the episodes this week or the next for whoever wants to read them. Sorry about the inconvenience.

After a woman attempts to rob a gas station, the investigation leads a "the farm," a compound where she went to get clean. The name clearly denotes something weird, and yep, there's something off with the place and residents. Ed and Jules visit the compound and the situation quickly disintegrates into a standoff. Ed is captured and disarmed, putting everyone in a precarious position.

It turns out that Charles, the guy in charge, once genuinely wanted to help people but now wants to kill everyone, a point that isn't explained until the very end when it is revealed that he has cancer and he shoots himself. Ed, who talks about not letting his son go to an unsupervised party at the beginning of the episode, comes to a similar revelation that he has to let his son find his own path.

"The Farm" wasn't revolutionary in any respect, but it was a high quality episode we've come to except. The plot was tightly knit, the acting was good, and there was a real connection between the SRU and Charles.

Score: 8.9/10
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