Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review - Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 3 Beyond Our Control

We've seen some insane artifacts on this show, but the ones featured in "Beyond Our Control" may have taken the cake. And somehow, everyone ties together nicely.

The episode begins with Claudia fiddling with the Farnsworth and Pete and Myka at the post office. All the parts come together once the town appears to be under the influence of an artifact. Historical figures are showing up and can affect the real world before disappearing. Pete's invaluable knowledge of movies is the key, the people proved to be characters of one Raymond St. James. The artifact is able to project images, except they are real, and  everyone is saved and happy in the end as usual

Completely unattached was a much more serious purging of MacPherson from Leena. Apparently, the pearl leaves behind residue and MacPherson is able to transmit information through Leena still. Sorely underused yet again was Mark Sheppard as Valda, who pretty much stood around menacingly and said a few lines. He needs his own show! Mrs. Federick pops up at the end of the episode with a drawing as Valda's voice ominously portends something bad.

There seems to be a pattern this season that the credits comes really late in the episode like many Alias ones. Normally, they come much earlier, indicating a natural hook which dovetails into the credits, which should introduce new viewers to the show. I'm not sure what the thinking is behind this, but I'll take a shot.

According to research, long, extended credits, featured prominently until this decade, actually detract new viewers from hopping on, because they take a while to finish and don't advance the episode. That's why, unfortunately, Stargate Universe, among many others, gets the stunted opening. By pushing the opening credits far back into the episode and continuing the narrative past what could be adequate (the arrival of the WWII soldiers would have been my choice), the viewers get enough story--beyond a simple teaser--and are willing to watch through the credits (which aren't bad, by the way).

Unlike last week's episode which went too far, "Beyond Our Control" struck the right balance of serious--Mrs. Frederick and Valda, the town almost blowing up--and light-hearted humor--Claudia in general, Pete and the vet.

Score: 8.6/10
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