Friday, July 23, 2010

Review - Haven Season 1 Episode 3 Harmony

Very brief review since I'm going to Comic-Con tomorrow.

I'd say "Harmony" was the strongest episode so far, which isn't much, but better than nothing. The mental patients and the doctor freaking out and then turning normal was done well and conveyed the right sense of the confusion. The ending, however, was typical of what we've see--exceedingly cheesy and trite.

So what do we know about the "troubles?" Literally nothing, except that anything can happen for the writers' convenience. Here's a couple plots we may be seeing: monkeys running down the main street every time someone thinks about monkeys, the result of girl who loves monkeys too much; a tree comes to life and rampages around the town, the result of a potted plant watching Godzilla movies and wishing it could be outside doing the same; zombies rising out of the ground, because the undertaker sold a less-quality-than-advertised coffin.

The acting and directing still bothers me greatly. It's like there's no punch behind the delivery of the lines, taking a lot away from the urgency of the situation.

Score: 7.4/10
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