Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick thoughts on Emmy nominations

Lists of all categories and major categories

I think the Emmy Awards are BS, but I have a few things to say (about the major categories).

No Entourage! Finally, finally, finally.

No Community... Lame as hell.

Eternal 30 Rock/The Office love. They could churn out crap and still be nominated.

Lots of Modern Family. Kind of overrepresented when Community got nothing.

As expected, Glee picks up a couple nominations.

Lost's final season garnered a couple big ones, though no women were nominated.

Friday Night Lights!?!?! Are my eyes deceiving me?

24 used to be an Emmys beast and the final season gets no recognition. Why don't the voters have the same mindset when it comes to 24 as it does with 30 Rock?

No Sons of Anarchy. Oh well...

The Good Wife got a bunch of nominations!

House was (thankfully) left out of the Outstanding Drama category. Hugh Laurie was nominated again, and he better win this year.

Unsurprisingly, Fringe was shut out despite John Noble's mindblowing work in the later half of the season.

On the other hand, True Blood was nominated for Outstanding Drama. Weird, huh?

Did Charlie Sheen's behavior hurt his chances for a nomination? Wait... wouldn't that increase his chances?

The Pacific doesn't get recognized for acting. More BS.

Law & Order didn't get jack for the final season, not that it should have.

No Big Love. At least the disaster of a fourth season wasn't recognized for anything major.

No Treme. Another collective middle finger to David Simon.

Nothing for Grey's Anatomy, even for acting.

I hope these one-liners weren't too annoying on the eyes. As always, these are my opinions, just as the nominations are others' opinions. I wouldn't put much credence into these awards or even reviewers (ironic that I'm saying that). Watch lots of television and make your own opinions.
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