Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review - Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 12 Hangover

After the Hollow Earth arc, anything short of mythology-deep, exciting episode would be a disappointment. It doesn't mean that the episode would necessarily be bad, just that our expectations from Sanctuary are probably higher than they were a season ago.

"Hangover," however, is both a disappointment and a pretty poor episode. The initial confusion over the disorder and broken items in the Sanctuary is done very well since we're left completely in the dark and the possibilities are endless. Soon, we realize that whatever happened to the characters is transferred through touch (the editing made this too clear), so we are way ahead of Magnus. Unfortunately, we know this after Henry touches the abnormal, but the episode drags on as we see this happening again and again with no deviation until the characters finally figure it out. It's an ugly bug which caused all these problems and the episode turns out to be nothing more than filler.

Score: 8.0/10
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