Sunday, April 24, 2011

Preview of Week 4/24/11 - 4/30/11

Treme - HBO, Sunday, April 24, 10:00pm ET

HBO's acclaimed drama returns tonight. One thing I'm looking for is whether there is tighter plotting than the first season.

Glee - FOX, Tuesday, April 26, 8:00pm ET

This 90-minute, Lady Gaga-themed episode could be a total disaster, given Glee's track record, or it could be decent.

Justified - FX, Wednesday, April 27, 10:00pm ET

After the bloodshed at the end of the last episode, the second to last episode of the episode will definitely be a good run up to the season finale.

The Office - NBC, Thursday, April 28, 9:00pm ET

Michael Scott's final episode should be a must-watch for anyone who's followed the show at some point.

Fringe - FOX, Friday, April 29, 9:00pm ET

Season finale time means that shows like Fringe reach another level of epicness. With the machine turned on and Peter in the hospital, these last two episodes should be great.
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