Monday, April 18, 2011

Review - The Killing Season 1 Episode 4 A Soundless Echo

We know the first season of The Killing has 13 episodes and because we're only at the fourth episode, Rosie's murder won't be solved. Any leads which appear to be the answer--the video or the letters from Bennett to Rosie--are almost 100% red herrings. Even if that is the case, we learn from the interrogations of Jasper and Kris that Rosie was leaving school to do something, which leads Holder to Bennett as Linden finds the letters.

"A Soundless Echo" gives us a good look at these characters, starting with Sterling who is wallowing in her grief and guilt. Mitch is crumbling while we learn that Stan bought a house and was involved in some criminal activity. One thing that caught my eye was how creepy Rick was. I might be my innate reaction to Callum Keith Rennie, but his scenes with Linden and Jack were a little off.

Richmond's campaign is still loosely tied to Rosie's murder and there hasn't been more concrete connections made. Still, the stolen campaign car is hurting the campaign and Richmond is looking for more money. We also learn that Jaime was fired so he could get close to Mayor Adams, and it's working so far.  

Score: 9.0/10
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