Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review - Chuck Season 4 Episode 20 Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff

Since the first season, Chuck has gone further and further away from Burbank with the fourth season completely embracing exotic locales. These days, the team visits many different locations with varying backgrounds (I'd love to see what could happen with a larger budget.) and what the spy plots lack in ingenuity is a real sense of adventure. Now, the real Mogadishu is waaaaay bigger than the measly set and it would be better if Sarah and Casey weren't sitting on some white stuff, but it's fun to imagine the team dropping in wherever they want, whenever they want.

"Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff" brings back Timothy Dalton as Alexi Volkoff and Elizabeth Bartowski as the team hunted down this superweapon which is supposedly super-important. (See, everything in the Chuck world is how super even if it doesn't seem like it.)

Ellie continues to dig deeper and finds out this mysterious 'Agent X.' Whoever he may be, Vivian thinks that he's the only obstacle to world domination. I don't know exactly how that works out or why Vivian has wholeheartedly embraced her father's enterprise, but it makes for another villain for Team Bartowski to defeat.

Between Elizabeth and Chuck's meddling, Ellie is as close to the truth as ever, and Chuck is prepared to tell her. Chuck finally decides to tell her, walks up to the door, and begins to talk. This has to happen, right? Wrong. Chuck pulls back, and says nothing substantial to Ellie, only to inform Sarah that his sister lied to him--for the first time! What is Chuck waiting for? Ellie isn't an evil supervillain he needs to bide time for. Simply state the facts and it'll all be clear.

Score: 8.7/10
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