Friday, April 22, 2011

Review - The Office Season 7 Episode 20 Michael's Last Dundies

As most people probably know, "Michael's Last Dundies" is the second to last episode for Michael Scott. With this in mind, I'm guessing most people don't really care if these past couple episodes don't have much plot. Michael's plot, getting back together with Holly, is already finished, and there isn't much left to do but reminisce on past times.

The episode begins with Michael being an ass, before he comes around and we understand why he's making such a fuss. He has a dedication to the office unmatched by anyone and he will feel bad about leaving. The episode culminates in a sweet song from the rest of the office, confirming that, despite Michael's numerous problems, he was a good boss.

Deangelo was about as unfunny as he was last week, even though he had the speech problem. The problem is that he's a big part of these episodes and makes the episodes not funny in general. I'm interested to see if he'll be funnier once Michael is out of the picture.

Score: 8.4/10
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